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Unity on a Novell network?

They have a novell network. We only found this out today. I almost drop dead on the spot when they said this. Also, at the moment, they want to have the unity/exchange all in the one box. I have advised them that it's recommended<br>to have no more than 200 in this configuration. So the question is this.<br>Can we hook up Unity, into a novel network, using Unity/exchange as one box and potentially using VMO, can this configuration work and what happening with the nt licenses (forgot about the VMO licensing for the moment) and<br>what about the rest of the nt challenge and response stuff. I'm of a mind that this configuration simply will not work. What do you think? Help!<br><br>Craig<br><br>

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Actually, this should work fine of if they have a few things in place.
1. They need to be running TCP/IP... I'll bet they already are, if not they need to add it.
2. Ideally they would install the NDS for NT services on the Unity box. What this does is it takes the Novell login/PW information for all users on the Novell network and "punches it into" the SAM in NT (the database that NT uses to identify folks when they try to access stuff on the NT box like the web pages for Unity SA or try to connect with Outlook to our Exchange box). If they have this, it's all very smooth... when they change their PW in Novell it updates it on the NT box and users should never have to enter a 2nd login when they access our SA/AA or attach to the Exchange server to get messages at their desktop. They should be running Novell version 4.11 or later (5 preferably) for this.

If they don't want to do that, then you'll need to make sure you have NT accounts for every user that needs to gain access to the SA/AA or use Outlook to get at their messages. When they go to connect they will be challenged and have to provide their NT login/PW to get in... kind of a pain but not the end of the world.

good luck

Jeff Lindborg
Unity Product Architect
Active Voice Corp