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Upgrading a S&S 5.3.0 failover cluster to 5.3.7


we need to upgrade our S&S to 5.3.7. Currently we have S&S and DMM 5.3.0 in failover cluster.

In pre-prod, were we have no cluster, just a single DMM and a single S&S, we upgraded the S&S easily.

But when facing the procedure for upgrading the S&S in the Failover cluster, after reading the official Cisco docs, we have few doubts:

1) We know that we'll need to break the cluster, reverting to standalones, before upgrading, but, since we just need to upgrade the S&S to 5.3.7 (DMM remains 5.3.0), is it enough if we break only the S&S cluster and revert to standalones, while keeping the DMM failover cluster with no changes?

2) Once we have upgraded the active/primary, I don't understand point 4 of the upgrading procedure, where it says “Reimage the secondary DMM and Show and Share appliances. Install the same software release that you upgraded the primary appliances to.”?

What does “REIMAGE” mean? does it mean that we'll need to install the secondary unit from zero to 5.3.7 and then, when both are 5.3.7, re-do the failover cluster? Isn't it enough to break the cluster, upgrade each member to 5.3.7, and then re-do the cluster again? or does it mean that the secondary unit will be unusable after breaking the cluster?

Does any of you know any more specific guide (or your own experience) of upgrading a failover cluster?

many thanks from Spain,


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