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VM to email, but for one user only


Hello, I'm not very Cisco smart and this seems like an easy thing but I can't find the options I'm looking for.

We have cucm 11.5 and I was tasked with setting up a special line that employees could call to leave a voicemail saying they will be late to work/not coming in. My idea of how it would work is this:


Employee calls line -> goes straight to VM -> VM gets forwarded to several emails (Such as a distribution group) -> supervisors and managers can view the voicemail recordings from their emails.


Is this possible? No one else wants voicemails going to their email so it would be just this "user" only. Note, this "user" wouldn't have a phone either. But if a phone is needed for it we can find an old spare to use.

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee
In CUCM - Create CTI Route Point and assign the number, with call Forward All to VM

In CUC, you can do this a couple different ways.
1 - Create a single local user and have the Message Actions > Relay Address send to a user D-list email
2 - Create a Call Handler and have the Message Settings > Recipient send to a CUC System Distribution List.

Both ways will reach the user as needed, but option 1 does not require the user to have a CUC account.

Hey Mike,


Thanks for this. But there is no SMTP setup for cuc or cucm. Any guide on how to do this? Like I said, I'm very Cisco dumb


Hi Jslow,

The way you are explaining your problem statement might be you need some remote support.
I would suggest you open a TAC case.

Or follow this doc to integrate your cucm with unity.

And if already did then integrate your unity with SMTP server using this link

Make sure your email server allow cucm traffic without any issue.

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