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Voice QoS on ATM/Frame Relay Interworking

I have a scenario where I'm implementing a centralized Call Manager solution for multiple sites. At my Central site, I have a call manager and a PSTN Gateway. The connectivity to my remote sites are ATM/FR interworking where I have an ATM DS3 at the central site and Frame Relay T1s at the remote sites. My Frame/ATM provider is doing the ATM/Frame Relay interworking piece for me. On the ATM side, the VCs are provisioned as UBR. Now here is my concern:

-I am having voice quality issues (only 1 direction - from the central site to the remote site). I have IP RTP Priority configured on the ATM side, and Frame Relay IP RTP Priority configured on the remote side. I am currently not doing any fragmentation because of the complexities involved with ATM/FR interworking. It is my understanding that I would need to to MLP Interleaving on both sides since I can't utilize FRF.12.

Is anyone out there doing something similar with some pointers? Can anyone tell me if this configuration is good, bad, and what do I need to change? By the way, when I was using G.711, I didn't have quality issues. When I changed to G.729, the quality dimenished.



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You could try two pvcs per site. That would at least remove your need for fragmentation if you are unwilling to implement MLP w/interleaving. Can you implement a strict priority queue with the equipment you have? If so I think that 2 pvcs with voice on one and data on the other, and with a strict priority queue allowing voice data out first you may fix your central-to-remote problem.

You've probably already seen this document. You've done everything except the MLP..

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