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Weather widgets in DMS 5.2??


I wonder if it is possible to publish a weather widget in a presentation? If so, how?

Thank you!

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Cisco Employee

Re: Weather widgets in DMS 5.2??

I do not know what you mean buy "widget" but I use a simple web URL in my presentations.

I am sure there are some more creative ways that you could use the weather data from a

external web site to post your weather stats. With all of the Web tools available, you might

be able to develop an homegrown HTML page (widget) that you simply point your

presentations to.


Re: Weather widgets in DMS 5.2??

Hi Tom,

I was looking at this website and others similar to this. They talk about a code that you can copy and paste into your MySpace, own website, etc.

Could you give an example of what webs do you use?

Thank you!

Re: Weather widgets in DMS 5.2??


If there is someone else interested on this I found how tu pubblish this widgets.

If you visit a website like you only have to follow up their directions to get the code. Once you have the code you have to paste it in a notepad then save as .html and save into your webserver or wherever you save your conten. Then in DMM add it to the library and that's it.

Hope this is informative for you.

Thank you!

Weather widgets in DMS 5.2??

Tomas, could you share that URL?  I'd like something that looks nice, but don't have the skill to do homegrown.  I don't know that the WeatherBug solution works for me.

Thank you.

Cisco Employee

Weather widgets in DMS 5.2??


Take a look at a Tech Tip I created in response to your question.

After reviewing the article and if it is helpful, please acknowledge with a kudo and\or accept as solution.

I hope this helps!


Weather widgets in DMS 5.2??

I can't read the article because I don't have access to the site it links to.  I have requested permission, but it has been a couple of days and I still can't get in.

Cisco Employee

Weather widgets in DMS 5.2??

Tech Tip:  How to add a Weather Widget or Weather Sticker to a DMD presentation or Custom Web Page

The following tip will provide resource options for adding to a Digital Media Designer (DMD) presentation or Custom Web Page.  Note: this tip assumes that you are familiar with Cisco DMD presentation creation or HTML web page creation.

Resource# 1


How to add a free weather sticker to your web page

* Go to In the search box at the top of the page, type in the zip code or city you would like to create a Sticker for, and click "Search".

* On the local weather page for that location, look for and click on the "Make this location a Weather Sticker" link in the upper right portion of the page.

* For NEW stickers, you can decide which station's data to use and which unit of measurement. CLASSIC stickers will always display data from whichever station is currently being used as the default for that location. Classic stickers will use the Unit of Measurement that you have selected for viewing the site.

* Decide which Weather Sticker design you'd like to use, then click on it.

* Copy & paste the code provided, and place it in the HTML code for your web page.

Sample for Raleigh, NC

Simply paste & save this into an HTML to be used for your application on the DMP" title="Raleigh, North Carolina Weather Forecast" target="_blank">" alt="Find more about Weather in Raleigh, NC" width="300" />"

This is a sample of the "Two-Day (300 × 100)" under the NEW STICKERS TAB.

Resource# 2


How to add a free weather widget to your web page


* Click GET CODE

* Add Code to DMD presentation or Customer Web URL

Sample for Raleigh, NC



Tomas de Leon

Composed: 28/May/2013

Weather widgets in DMS 5.2??

Thank you for this.  If I could close this discussion as anwered, I would.

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