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WebEx Node For MCS Questions

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Hi ,

I already got NFR package .Actually I want to build small lab for MeetingPlace 8.0 including the WebEx node, so I have 3 questions:

                                    1. Are there any demo webex site that can be used to register WebEx node for lab purposes?

                                    2. I already have my WebEx site subscribtion accounts so Is there anyway to upgrade that site to be used with WebEx node?

                                    3. Who should I contact if I want to order WebEx Site to register my WebEx node ?



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Jonathan Schulenberg
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Hall of Fame

1: Not to my knowledge.

2 & 3: You will have a WebEx Account Manager overlay. Ask your CAM to put you in touch with him/her.

Hey Jonathan - thanks for your reply to my other post (regarding UC on UCS).  Strange that I noticed you'd also posted in this thread, which involves another project I'm working on.  

Specifically, I've been researching audio/web conferencing solutions for a customer whose Meeting Place Express is now EoX.  I've seen Cisco presos this past year (including at Networkers) that suggest taking this strategy towards recommending solutions, in this order:

1) purely hosted (WebEx SaaS) for everything

2) on-prem Meeting Place 8 server for audio, and WebEx for all web conferencing

3) on-prem Meeting Place 8 AND WebEx Node servers, and WebEx for all external web conferencing users

The idea is that you'd start with 1), but if the BW/resource demands on your Internet pipe were too high, you could bring some of it internally, and consider option 2), or even 3). 

What I haven't yet seen are any real design guidelines that offer advice and analytics on when it will probably make sense to consider the alternate solutions.  For example, the customer requirements are:

- x meetings a month, with y conference organizers, and z max participants

- x of the meetings are audio only, and y of the meetings are audio + web

- out of x participants, y will be external over the Internet or WAN, while z are local (the higher value z, the better served by on-prem gear)

- etc.

Have you seen any reference guides like this?  (I was hoping for a really detailed SRND somewhere, but no luck)

Thanks again!

I agree with you for the solution choices/order. Also be aware that MP8 has a floor of 200 ports which tends to cut it out of most smaller (aka MPE) accounts. You can get this down to 100 ports if your order it under the guise of CUWL.

As far as analytics we can break this into two categories: audio minutes and Internet bandwidth.

From a pure audio conferencing perspective MP8 makes sense as soon as implementing and maintaining it becomes cheaper than the ongoing cost of WebEx Audio. The costs for WebEx Audio are readily available through your CAM and are transitioning toward the GPL if they haven't already reached it. So on this front you can do a quote for MP8 implementation and maintenance using the Express Media Server model. Compare that against the forecasted WebEx Audio costs.

To be fair to MP8: it also provides you a voice-activated standards-based video conference bridge as well. Depending on how much video conferencing you do with H.323/SIP devices internally this may make MP8 attractive for a whole different reason.

As for Internet bandwidth we can find documentation in a different place: WebEx. They have published a Network Bandwidth White Paper explaining what the client uses. You should be aware that this appears not to include the H.264-based video improvements being released currently through WB20. So here you can multiply the worst-case concurrent meeting participants across all WebEx meetings and get a rough estimate of the Internet bandwidth required. The WebEx Node for MCS should result in this being paired down to a single connection per meeting into the SaaS cloud.

Excellent info, Jonathan.  Thanks again!

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Level 1

Currently there is no in build backup tool for the WebEx Node for MCS ?

Is there plan for backup tool on the WebEx Node ?