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i have cisco switch model no IE4000-16GT4G-E. i preparing datasheet for that i couldn't found some specifications from online. i need yur help.i what to know following specifications. 1.switch latency period 2.IGMP group 3.Forwarding bandwith 4.Forwa...

saibulla by Level 1
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  This topic is a chance to discuss more about the changes that the Data Center technology has gone through in order to meet business requirements and to learn more about the best practices and troubleshooting tips on Nexus. The session focus in all ...


Hi,   I have issue with N2K-C2348UPQ4F,  First time we connected to N7K with  7.3.(2)D1(1) for 2 weeks,  after that we disconnect from N7K and connect to N5K-C5648Q with 7.1(4)N1(1) but N2K does't came up , Can you advise what should we do ?    Below...

In previous vPC setups with N5k (or also N6k), I had to use the 'vpc bind-vrf' command to ensure the forwarding of multicast over the vpc peer-link, especially for receivers in in non-vPC VLANs and the receivers connected to Layer 3 interfaces.I am w...

sstrack by Level 1
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Severity Level:2Series:Nexus 3172T ChassisSwitch Priority:7Device Id:N3K-C3172TQ-10GT@C@FOCXXXXXXXRContract Id:2XXXXXXXXSite Id:10XXXXXXXXServer Id:N3K-C3172TQ-10GT@C@FOCXXXXXXXRTime of Event:2018-05-08 14:48:23 GMT-09:00Message Name:fullMessage Type...

Hello,I am planing to upgrade UCS B200 M2 and M3 servers, Infrastucture Firmware and UCS Manager Software. Most of the systems are RHEL but we also have Windows and some VMware servers. I am thinking of going to version 2.2(8i). Most of the firmwares...

Hi, I have received Nexus 7706 switch with two SUP engines, 10Gig Moudles 2 and one 40Gig module but the issue is my 40Gig module is denying the power supply due to unavailability of power, required  power supply is 750W (Available power supply is 69...

S.ashok S by Level 1
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