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Ask Me Anything Event Welcome to the Cisco Community Ask Me Anything conversation. Are you facing issues with licenses? Do you need help with license upgrades or just have queries regarding the same? Not certain about the impact in case the cluster ...

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Hi I receive from Cisco a ws-c6506-E  When i turn on the catalyst , i have a boot error Initializing ATA monitor library...string is bootdisk:s2t54-advipservicesk9-mz.SPA.151-2.SY4a.bin bootdisk:%s72044-atafslib-m: Digitally Signed Release Software w...

I have a 3750 2 X switch stack. I need to change the "system mtu jumbo" from 1500 to 9000. When I issue the command "system mtu jumbo 9000" I see the message "Changes to the system jumbo MTU will not take effect until the next reload is done". What I...

Hi all, I have configure vpc bettewn two remote sites,with black fiber, and I was testing the L2 and I found that all the traffic goes only one way is not makeing any balance between divices. Each 7700 has one conection to the other 7700. Will thi...

Hi,        we want to build a fabricpath network , and discuss any possible topology:       can we run ospf on both spine and leaf,      and form ospf neighbor with each other, and below leaf we want to connect firewall. up spine we connect to some r...

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We are rolling out a new suite of 1602s and 2602s. Previously we were using static addresses but for flexibility we are using DHCP now so our traditional IP ICMP monitoring system would not be much use. I assume I can setup an email alert from Prime ...

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Hi All, I am planning to do an upgrade on nexus 7009 using ISSU.The current version is 6.1(2) and we are planning to upgrade to 6.2(12). Could appreciate if someone has got any documentation? Ideally zero downtime is preffered. Thanks, Renjith