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DCNM Config Queries




I have 2 x queries with regards to DCNM


The first is that I had to make local device MTU settings on multi-site interfaces due to issues being caused with vxlan traffic. I now need to get DCNM to synch the correct configuration from the device. DCNM tries to revert back to the old DCNM setting and I can't seem to find the correct location where to change the interface MTU size (already checked the interfaces and policy options).


The second issue is that I have a 2 x DC setup The first DC is a full spine, leaf, border-gateway setup. The second DC is a single leaf box and the only connectivity, is a single carrier connection to the Dc1spine (so it acts as a remote leaf). DCNM is in the full DC and I need the connection between the devices to facilitate the management and data connections. What's the best way to bring the second DC (leaf) under DCNM's management. As of now I only have a /30 L3 connection between DC1 spine and DC2 leaf, so have to "hop" to connect to the remote device (DC1 spine is already being managed by DCNM).


Thanks in Advance

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