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DR site Design




Would like some urgent feedback on below.

We currently have out Data Canter designed with two Cisco ASR-1000 series WAN aggregation routers, which are connected redundantly with two Cisco 6509 External Aggregation Switches. One External Aggregation Switch is connected to a DMVPN router(Cisco ASR 1000 series) which controls traffic coming from abroad through different tunnels. Also the External Aggregation switches speaks to the service provider and they perform iBGP peering. The external aggregation switch also has eBGP session with the Internal aggregation switch and there is a Cisco ASA 5585 firewall between them to control incoming traffic from the DMVPN router. OSPF is configured on the internal aggregation switches. Traffic from the Internal aggregation switches converge at a core switch(Nexus 7010) which is then deployed to the Data Center Core Switch (Nexus 7010) which is then connected to Data Center access switch (Nexus 7010) to which the servers are connected. 


Since we want to have a DR location for our current infrastructure, could you please suggest a better structure and Cisco devices that we could deploy in our DR site.


Please please help me out!!!

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