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F2E & M1 sharing same VDC and having vPC case

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i am getting the bundel (N7K-C7010-B2S2E) and having the following line cards:

1. N7K-F248XP-25E.

2. N7K-M148GT-11L.

i read the below article which indicates that i cant join ports from the above line cards in the same VDC, the article is below:

what tis the best line card combination to get the full benfits of them when using VDC's and vPC between the VDC's.

Best regards,

Samer Hasan

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Leo Laohoo
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Current NX-OS do not allow the F2e line card to be in the same with vDC with M1/M2/F1 cards.  Not sure when the NX-OS will be released to correct this.

Not sure about the newer F3 cards if they can co-habitate with M1/M2/F1 cards in the same vDC.


thank your for the answer, i started to have serious concerns now about what if our desgin will work or will face any troubles.

below is a sketch (sorry for hand drwaing it wolud take hours to do in Visio ) for the propsed design:

we have 2 (N7K) chasies, in each of them will have the line cards (N7K-F248XP-25E & N7K-M148GT-11L.), ecach chassies will be didvided into two VDC's one for the LAN-Core-VDC and the other is for the Data Center.

the LAN core VDCs on both chassies will be connected  togther using 2*10G links to have vPC enabled between them, and the same will be done for the Data Center VDC's.

the Line Cards ports assumed to be divided among the LAN Core and Data Center VDC's on the same chassie in order to have 10 G ports and (10/100/100) ports at each VDC.

kindly advise me will i be able to have this desing in real ?!

Can be done if the F2e cards are in a separate vDC.

thank you for the quick reply, anyway what are the Line Cards combination will make my design work

to have in each VDC 10-G ports and (10/100/1000) ports.

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