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How to mark both COS and DSCP on L2 ports

On a trunk port I have ingress traffic using COS value 0 that I wish to mark and egress queue later. And for example I could have voice traffic that was unmarked i.e. COS = 0 DSCP = 0

As the COS value used for egress queueing is derived from the receive COS value I set the COS value to 5 on ingress, and with the apropriate egress queueing policy this hits my priority queue.

However, due to the software restrictions I was not able to mark it both COS 5 and DSCP 46, the two actions are mutually exclusive on the 7000. So my traffic having a COS value of 5 would maintain its DSCP 0. So I still have not marked the DSCP.

On ingress QOS whilst I can set an internal qos-group with the hope of setting the DSCP on egress from traffic matching the qos-group, as the egress port is a layer 2 port this is not allowed.

So how do I mark both the DSCP and QOS value ?

Is my alternative that on ingress my QOS policy should simply mark the DSCP 46 and ignore the fact that the COS value is zero. For this to work a zero COS value packet on ingress would have to queue on egress based on DSCP.

So what do I do to make sure the DSCP is set correctly and the traffic is output sheduled in the priority queue as COS 5 traffic.

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