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IMC Supervisor Pricing

Just wondering if anyone else is looking into the Integrated Management Controller Supervisor (IMC Supervisor) software to monitor their Cisco servers and send alerts? (Similar to Dell Open Manage).  Even with being version 1.0, i was intrigued. However when I found out the pricing I was shocked at how Cisco is licensing this software.   

Here is how it goes. 

Base License ~$499 (list).  - Includes 1 installation.  NO upgrades, NO Support.  Any software upgrades is a repurchase of base license at $499.  

Support ~$4000 (list).  Includes upgraded and phone support for 1 year. Covers up to 100 servers 


So in a small shop with 5 servers, not only do you have to pay SmartNet (~400/year) on the servers, you also have to pay ~$1000/server/year to monitor the server and get emails alerts of hardware problems.  If you have a large with 100 servers you only add ~$40/server/year for the monitoring. 

I'm not sure why Cisco can't include the support with each server?  I don't mind paying the $499 for the software, but expect upgrades to be included.  Dell's Open Manage is free and has no support cost as long as you buy Dell Servers. Cisco needs to get on-board with supporting smaller businesses.     





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I hope the Cisco Product

I hope the Cisco Product Manager reads your valid comment !

Cisco Employee

Hi Eric, I wanted to

Hi Eric, 

I wanted to acknowledge your feedback and let you know we are working to address the points you raised as we continue to evolve the product and add new features to IMC Supervisor. Thank you for this feedback! 

Jeff Foster


Jeff, any updates on this?

Jeff, any updates on this?  



Jeff, Has there been any

Jeff, Has there been any movement on the licensing/support structure to the IMC supervisor software? 


Eric Kurtz


It seems, that Cisco is

It seems, that Cisco is offering (have released ???) a smaller license bundle

(Cisco IMC Supervisor bulk endpoint enablement license); 25 ? servers ?

Cisco Employee

Hi Walter/Eric,  I will be

Hi Walter/Eric, 


I will be able to share more details with you soon, but we do have a plan to address this. If you would like more details on this, please reach out to your Cisco sales team. Thank you for sharing this feedback to help us make a better product. Cheers!



Cisco Employee

Hi Eric, I am happy to let

Hi Eric, 

I am happy to let you know that we have posted IMC Supervisor v1.1 with a number of enhancements including support for 25 server packs. There are a number of enhancements in this new version including: 

• Managing Policies and Profiles (Configuration Capabilities)
• Enhancements to Managing Firmware
• Email Alerts (Multi-Rule & Group Filters)
• FlexFlash Inventory
• Read-Only User
• Advanced Licensing Option

The release notes are here:

You can download the latest (with an embedded eval license) here:!y&mdfid=286289572&softwareid=286283500&release=1&os=





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