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IP Address Assignment for Cisco Switches and Nutanix


Dear all,

I have a new project using Cisco 4500x as core switches and 2960x as access switches deployment, on the server & storage side, we will select Nutanix which will be connecting to the 4500x core switches. Now I need to planning IP address assignment, but I have no ideas how many IP address should be alloated to the Nutanix system. 

Actually, I understand number of IP address needed depending how many VM(s) will be created on the Nutanix system. In general, there are about 30VM(s) will be created. I need the information how many vlan(s) will be needed e.g. iLO, heart-bit, VM-motion, FT ..... etc. 

Is there any guideline I can refer to for the best practice design and implementation ?

Thanks & Regards,


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Hi Vanbrugh,

Normally to start , we plan the ip address allotement by subnetting the IP address subnet allotted for DC like and subnet these range into multiple of /23,/22,/24,/21 based on quantity of VM's and requirment.

Its always a thumb rule to have 5 yrs growth consedring making ip address availble in the same subnet.

what we pan based on the infrastructure divide the subnet for ILO for /24 , Heart beat with /30 subnets and VM Motion /29 with server vlan based on VM requirement may be /24,/23,/22.

Hope it Helps..


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