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Mains power to racked Cisco equipment in data centres

I would just like a sanity check on this.


In data centres that I have been in they have used PDUs with unfused IEC C13 outlets to power Cisco devices. Upstream of the PDU there is a 16A or 20A circuit breaker to comply with the Cisco requirement for an external upstream breaker (Statement 1005 in the installation notes). My new employer, although previously adhering to the above, has decided that all PDU outlets now need to have individual fuses or circuit breakers. The argument is that the upstream 16A or 20A breaker exceeds the current that the C13/C14 connectors and power cable are rated at (10A). Is this taking things a bit too literally? Who else in the real world is trying to adhere to this thinking? Why do the mainstream PDUs all ship without individual outlet fuses? Also, do Cisco power supplies incorporate over-current protection that would trip below the 10A rating as this would mitigate the argument.

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