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Multi-Vendor Data Center Virtualization

Hi Guys,

I just need to get a better Idea for the Design of a new Nexus Data Center and how to implement all three of the following Virtualizations at the same time…

Cisco Nexus Virtual Data Center Technology with multiple VDC's and…

Using F5 BIG-IP LTM Application Load Balancing and Clusters…

And also implementing ASA 5585-X Mulitple Context mode...

Any input is very much appreciated...Thanks.


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Re: Multi-Vendor Data Center Virtualization

Here are some ideas to think about, if you run the firewall in transparent mode, you can do vPC to the firewall, do port-channel subinterfaces on the FW and break VLANs out into different contexts. You could do this between VDCs or put multiple customers into a single VDC, and use VRFs (Inside and Outside) for the firewall connections. In this architecture the F5 would sit on the inside VRF where the host subnets sit, along with any other services you provide. If you did this same setup with multiple VDCs, the LB would sit in the inside VDC and the FW would move between the Inside and Outside VDC instead of the Inside and Outside VRF. I like the single VDC, VRF sandwich approach because it leaves more VDCs for OTV or Storage functions, or even more customer PODs if ever needed. This approach also allows for ACTIVE/ACTIVE HSRP which is nice.

These are just a few use cases. There are a million ways to skin a cat, so it will depend greatly on user and application requirements.


## I forgot to add in my original post, that for the VLANs between the FW running a routing protocol (SVIs on Inside and Outside going through the FW) you will want to make sure that those VLANs are excluded from peer-gateway.


Re: Multi-Vendor Data Center Virtualization

Thanks Aswanso,

          But I guess my lack of experience in "in-depth" virtualization has me little, more like a lot, more confused. Is there another way to portray answering this question, either via text or even better, via Visio Diagram.

          I apologize if I am wasting anyone's time.

          Thank you.


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