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netscaler and hyper-v 1000v questions

Really hoping to get some insight into these questions

1. Is netscaler 1000v supported in the hyper-v nexus 1000V environment?

2. Adding Nexus 1110 in HA across data centers. Planning to run one N1110 in one DC and the second N1110 in the second DC. No issues with VSM, but have a question about netscaler. If I wanted to achieve HA of netscaler within each DC, can I put two netscaler VMs on each N1110 for a total of four netscaler VMs (two pairs of HAs). Any other recommendations here?

3. Do I need to order L-NS-1KV-500S= once or twice for each netscaler 1000V HA pair?

4. Is vPath required for netscaler 1000v? Can it operate in a ACE-like mode with client SNAT?

5. Can I achieve a similar behavior in netscaler 1000v as with contexts in ACE 4710? For example I have two segments for Load Balancing, one inside and one in a DMZ.

6. Is there VXLAN support on 1000v for hyper-v yet?

7. Can a Hyper-V VEM vPath to vWAAS running on a vmware VEM? Is there multi-hypervisor support in latest VSM?

8. Trying to convince the customer to order B22HPs for the new HP blade chassis instead of flex10s. Any key selling points here besides just the typical n2000 management simplification?

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