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Nexus 9000 BGP Peering on SVI and VPC based peers

Hi Everyone,

I have a question whether I am on right track or not. I have 2 Nexus Switches in vPC. I am planning to configure vPC with the upstream Juniper switches and a vlan 900 will be used on HSRP on both ends. I want to establish eBGP over this vPC. Does anyone see any issues in this design? Please I already have configured both vPC switches with "peer-gateway" and "layer3-peer-router" in order for the BGP to work over the vPC peer link.





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VIP Guru

i would not advise using vPC pee-link for an IGP or EGP Peering, instead, you can create one for peering as below example guide :


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Hi Balaji,


Thanks a lot for the response.

I read the article and I can see that L2 and L3 adjacency is supported via vPC peer link and after the introduction of l3 peer router feature l3 adjacencies are possible on vPC peer link. I have attached the snapshot for your reference please. Kindly correct me if i am wrong.

VIP Advisor

Hi @Muhammad Hamid Ashraf ,

Technically, it should work with "peer-gateway" and "layer3 peer-router". The only concern I have is if Juniper MCLAG is properly forwarding the packets. Have you checked if the BGP open messages are received on both sides (N9K and R1/R2)?

What is the state of the BGP neighborship? Is ping working between N9K SVI and R1/R2? What is the configuration of the BGP (show run bgp)?


Stay safe,



Hi @Sergiu.Daniluk 

I hope you are doing good. Thanks for the response.

There is a catch here. I shall not be able to do peering of bgp using SVI because from the peer end the neighbor is my SVI but from my side the source will be the physical or Vlan interface and as you know there is no option to mention the source IP address. I have thought of another option to do the peering using the SVI Self IP addresses and configure iBGP between them. First I will check using Peer Link and if it does not go well then I will use a separate link. What is your opinion on this.

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