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Secondary VSM becomes active

Hello all,

After a network issue, that I will describe, the primary VSM of our Nexus 1000V switched over to the secondary. The network issue seems at a first glance to have nothing to do with the switchover, but I would also like another opinion.

What happened is this:

We have a redundand environment with two 6509 core swithes .One "Distributed Forwarding Card" on core-1 failed. All switches have redundant connections, so server/user connectivity was still possible through core-2 after the STP convergence. We run pvst+, with uplinkfast enabled on all access switches. At the time of this hardware failure, the standby VSM became active.

The only connection I can see between the two incidents is this:

Core-1 is the root for vlan x, where the VCenter NICs are assigned. With the hardware failure, the STP convergence took about 5-10seconds, so at that time I assume that there was no connection between the primary VSM and VCenter. Could that be presumed by the primary VSM as a failure, turning its role over to the secondary?

What I mean is, does a connection issue between the primary VSM and VCenter, result in VSM standby becoming active?

Logs from Nexus and all other network devices do not show anything that would explain the switchover.

Please help me understand the cause of the switchover, so that I am prepared for any future incidents.

Thank you in advance,


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