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single router solution for 2 service providers


We got a situation here in our company, we have an international site and that has an x service provider and they are facing problems with that ISP and now they signed another contract with the same ISP for another 5 years and now we have to configure that site as:

They got two links now with the same service provider, they have one service provider connected to router, it is up and running and now they want us to configure for the second link in such a way that, the link what we have up and running should be primary link and new link should be configured as secondary link, and whenever the primary link is down it should automatically pick the secondary link and should be working fine.

what would be the best way to configure.suggestions are welcome.

1. One Router: 2951/2911

2. One Switch : 2960




Amit Singh
Cisco Employee

There are couple of options to do this. Are you running any routing protocol with the ISP for peering, BGP, OSPF etc?

1. Use two default routes with different AD values.

2. Floating static routes

3. Play with the metric if using routing protocols

4. IP SLA Object tracking with Floating static route.




we are using OSPF routing protocol on it.


I configured my lab router with IP SLA as follows


track 1 ip sla 1 reachability

track 2 ip sla 2 reachability

ip sla 1
 icmp-echo <ISP1 Ip address> source-interface GigabitEthernet0/0
 threshold 3
 timeout 1000

 frequency 180

ip sla schedule 2 life forever start-time now

ip sla 2
 icmp-echo <ISP2 ip address> source-interface GigabitEthernet0/2

frequency 180
 threshold 3
 timeout 1000
ip sla schedule 2 life forever start-time now


ip route GigabitEthernet0/0 track 1
ip route GigabitEthernet0/2 10 track 2



in this scenario, if i connect through console to the router, test is successfull and if i put that router in the network, and manually as soon as i say Gi0/0 shutdown, router crashes

any suggestions ?


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