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WAN Router Connection to Data Center

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Level 1

We have a WAN router that needs to connect to our Data Center network.  The Data Center consists of two N7K core switches, with a pair of N5K switches as aggregation, and each N5K has twelve N2K fabric extenders.  The N2Ks are single-homed to the N5Ks.  The N5Ks are vPC connected to the N7Ks.

We would like to attach the WAN router to both N7K switches in the Data Center.  The N7K switches only have 10G ports in them, so we can't terminate the WAN router directly to the N7Ks.

I was considering creating one dedicated VLAN on each N7K, and assigning an SVI to each VLAN, to correspond to the L3 connections between the N7Ks and the WAN router.  Then, we could trunk these VLANs to each of the N5Ks, and configure one 1G port on each N5K for the VLAN, and connect the WAN router to the N5Ks.

Two questions regarding this design:

1) Is there a problem in connecting the L3 WAN router to the N7K via the N5K?

2) Does vPC connectivity between the N7K and N5K pose a problem for the proposed WAN connectivity?

Thanks in advance for any feedback.


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Atif Awan
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

The vPC between N5K and N7K is the catch here. Layer-3 routing over vPC member ports is currently not supported so I will advise you to stay away from this approach.