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Why choosing Cisco: Cisco Data Center solution vs HP


Hello Cisco Data Center Solution/Architect experts:

As a cisco partner, we recently submitted a RFP(request for proposal) for one of our data center customers to upgrade their data center infra-structure and design/solutions. After 1st round of bid, it comes down to two competitors: us (cisco partner) and another competitor (HP partner)

Now it comes down to the final round to determine who will win thye bid!

I am posting this to ask for some documents comparing Cisco data center products/solution vs HP products/solution. I am familiar with Cisco products and solutions but know little about HP. So any documents show benefits of choosing cisco would be very helpful!!!

1) Comparison of Cisco data center switch platforms (mainly Nexus family vs HP switches)

2) Cisco has end-to-end solution, while HP does not?

2) Why Cisco solution?

Greatly appreciate any suggestions and replies.

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Yes HP has something now

Like cisco 3 tier architecture, HP now position themself in flexnetwork architecture. I personally dosent see any value add to that... please have a look

10G platforms are there with HP too

Leo Laohoo
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I don't know what are the Cisco equipment in your RFP but the "closest" thing HP has to compete with the new

Supervisor Engine 2T-10GE (CAT6000-VS-S2T-10G/MSFC5) is the HP A10500 Campus Core line of switches.

Unfortunately the HP A10500 Campus Core line of switches, since announcing this model back in May 2011, no one can buy it yet.

Collin Clark

Check the comparison sell sheets on Partner CCO, there is plnty of docs out there.

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