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3620 Dial problems.


Using a 3620 with MICA modems & PRI, & Dialout/EZ v 3.0, we are having trouble dialing certain numbers.

There are several numbers we have absolutely no problems connecting to. What happens is that some numbers when dialed will begin the handshake and then drop indicating a Busy error. If you dial up with a analog modem and line, it connects like normal. (The numbers we are dialing into we have no control over.) The numbers we are having trouble with are only 800(877,866, 888) numbers. I did find one that connected without a problem, but the rest exhibit the above behavior. All long distance numbers work fine. I wanted to point the finger at the telco and dialing 800 numbers, but now that doesn't seem to be the case.

I've spoken with TAC and the configuration is ok along with the modem settings.

The other problem we are experiencing is that no matter what type of modem dials in, we are only getting a 31.2 or so connection.

IOS version 12.2(7c)

Modem version



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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

We need to take a look on the debug for modem connection to see how far the mica went for a connection.. So pl. turn on following debug for a connection.

debug isdn q931

debug modem

debug modem csm

Above debug will also display the modem number slot/port used for connection..Once the modem got disconnected pl. enter following command to see the different parameters for the last connection on that modem..

sh modem operational-status x/y

where x/y is the slot/port.

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