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4510-Supe5 Failover issue

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Level 1

4510 problem

What I have is two 4510 Cats with both of them have dual supe 5.

> My customer is mission critical therfore they don`t want any downtime.

> We have monomode fibre diverse routed link and connected via LX (1000).

> I was hoping to etherchannel over L3 and have the interface track say example from 4510(p) s1 g1/1--------4510(s) g1/1

s2 g1/1 -------4510(s) g1/1.

Also ,I am running redundancy for the supe 5.

mode sso


auto-sync running-config

auto-sync standard

My concern is why is that the active supe 5 is amber and

standby supe 5 is green ?


I did try to do some test by pulling the fibre between 2 4510 ,on slot1/port1,

But ,when I do this I am loosing the connections to outside ? And etherchannel doesnot bundle back ?

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Level 1
Level 1


forgive me if you already know this!

Are you sure that the one with the amber is the live one, because the position of the sups in the chassis does not denote with one will be live. The first sup to boot is the live one and the second is the standby. I could happen that the sup in slot 2 could well be the active one...

It's just a thought.

Kevin Dorrell
Level 10
Level 10

Green is that active one.

You can force a switchover with the command redundancy force-switchover, but I don't know any way to force prioritisation of the supervisors or to set pre-emption.

I don't understand exactly what you were trying to do with the EtherChannel. Were you forming G1/1 and G2/1 into a single channel? Is that allowed?

Kevin Dorrell


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