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Ask the Expert- Introduction to the Web of Things: What is it and why is it useful?

Cisco Moderador
Community Manager
Community Manager

This topic is a chance to discuss more about the the Web of Things (WoT), from its definition and architecture, to its main components, scripting, and use cases samples. The WoT allows the integration of real-world objects not only to the Internet, but to the whole World Wide Web architecture. In this session the expert will solve questions about the architecture and main components of the WoT, which include the WoT Thing Description, the WoT Binding Templates, and the WoT Scripting API.


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Ask questions from Tuesday 16th to Friday 19th of October, 2018


Featured expert

Ines Robles is an Internet of Things (IoT) consultant with over a decade of experience as an IT researcher. She is the co-chair of ROLL WG, an IoT Member directorate, a member of routing directorate and a member of general area review at the IETF. Since 2014 she has been in Finland at the Aalto University to pursue a PhD related to IoT Group management. In 2007 she started as a researcher on network topics at the GridTICs laboratory UTN-FRM University in Mendoza, Argentina. She has experience with different protocols and programming.


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Hilda Arteaga
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi @mariainesrobles, thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and experience towards this latest technology.

Please help us to answer one of the questions that weren’t answered during the session:


  • Which are the most common uses cases in these type of environments?


Hi Inés,

Many thanks for your time.

I'm new in WoT and I would like your suggestion from where I could initiate to understand and learn about it.

I'm working with a few things related with IoT but I would like to learn more about WoT as a complement.


Many thanks for your help.



Hi Pablo,


I recommend to watch this presentation: "Getting Started with a W3C Web of Things Project"[1]. Note that this is from 2016, but it is very good as starting point. Then, for the last updates in the architecture, please look at WoT drafts [2]. Besides of explaining the architecture, It redirects to you to pages where each WoT building block is explained. (e.g: WoT Scripting API [3] - modified on 18th Oct 2018 -) 

I highly recommend to test the Open Source [4], to understand WoT deeply. 














The WoT structure should be able to be adapted to any use case/environment.

The W3C exemplifies a smart home, a smart factory and a smart car uses cases []




Jorge Arredondo
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Ines, Amazing sharing Knowledge!

loved Tuesday meeting. I was busy working but I watched the entire VoD.


My question is, for control plane in large deployments, what would you recommend to use, HTTP or MQTT. what are the main differences between both and why one to another? Thank you in advance