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Auto Smartport Macros

Mike Brown

I'm looking for a little advice.  


I've got Auto SmartPort Macros working on the newest firmware for my 2960x switches for all of my devices.  15.2(3)E

However I'm having some buggy issues with 15.2(3)E.  If it's a small stack of 2 switches, no problems at all.  However I tested on a 7 switch stack and repeatedly lost connectivity to the stack.  Here are more details on that specific issue. 

Cisco Suggested Firmware

The "Cisco Suggested" firmware is 15.0(2)EX5 (Based on what the download section tells you)

However when I'm running 15.0(2)EX5 the switch is unable to automatically detect my Cisco 7821/7841/8841/8831 phones and my CAP702i APs.

I'm assuming it's because the devices are actually newer than the Suggested Firmware.

Here is a 7821 Example, it knows the model but not that it should fall in the Cisco IP Phone category...

Here is a CAP702i:

The actual questions

  1. Is there a way (besides updating the firmware) to add to the known devices list?  "sh macro auto monitor"
    I've considered adding all of the OUIs, there are about 6 that I've found.  Is that my best solution?
  2. If I start filling the switch up with OUIs to detect, am I going to have a performance hit?
  3. Is anyone running 15.2(3)E in production?  Feedback?  Should I stay with the Cisco Suggested?
  4. Is there any indication of when the next firmware rev will be released? 


Thanks for any input and advice you can give.




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I have a similar problem on a 2960x with auto smartports.

We will have a multi member stack and auto smart ports will work.  then we will add a member to the stack and that new member will no longer detect any devices, regardless of the vendor, type or anything.  Move the device to a working member, poof, detection.  move it back to the new member and nothing. 

We've had this problem on our first 3 member stack of 2960x last year.  we had to power cycle the entire stack to get it to detect devices with macros.

we are now building a new stack, and it seems  that almost every new member after the 2nd one we add has a similar problem.  

We are running 15.2(4)E1.  this problem has existed on firmware 15.2(3)E2 as well.

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