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FW[MOD 33]: radian_monitor_pll:: port_num[12] unit[3] bcmport[5] : PLL reset failed - xlport_xgxs_status_gen_reg = 0x0 xlport_xgxs_ctrl_reg = 0xFF800

Hello Everyone,   Here is my C6832-X-LE VSS switch log , I could not find anything related or any lead to this log and need help to reach the problem, I appreciate if you share your comment for this problem and on the other hand the port does not ope...

STP on Nexus vPC

Hi Experts,   Would like to clear a doubt.   With a setup of two 9K series Nexus Switches running  vPC peer link between them. A server is connected at access end of these switches. Just taking example.   Switch-A and Switch-B are interconnected and ...

How to enable egress traffic in Netflow

Hi guys   I  trying to figure out how to enable egress traffic in a icmp flow Here the scenario, 2 routers           Fa0/0                                                                                                          Fa0/0  RA -----------...

kjr_78901 by Beginner
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ccdp code

                   Hi everybody,i want to write my ccdp certification and i want to confirm and verify the exam code for this exam.i currently have valid ccna, ccda, and ccnp certificication..please advise on the exam code for the ccdp cert?brsam

rahman001 by Beginner
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Resolved! IPSEC Lan to Lan to Internet

Hi I have a requirement to implement an IP-Sec service like the attached pic. Due to a 3rd party LAN that carries traffic I would like a IPSec tunnel between two routers. The end users will need internet ( NAT  to say a 192.168.1.x). Does anyone have...

GregMc by Beginner
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Ask the Expert- Introduction to the Web of Things: What is it and why is it useful?

This topic is a chance to discuss more about the the Web of Things (WoT), from its definition and architecture, to its main components, scripting, and use cases samples. The WoT allows the integration of real-world objects not only to the Internet, b...