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Greetings! This is a revision of a previous question. Is there a way to use sub interfaces on the routers to somehow "trick" the switch into considering the host/ client ( at  / PC11) as a member of VLAN 10? Just asking the weird questio...

LateLearn by Beginner
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 %ETH_PORT_CHANNEL-5-PORT_DOWN: port-channel1: Ethernet1/31 is down%ETHPORT-5-IF_DOWN_LINK_FAILURE: Interface Ethernet1/31 is down (Link failure)%ETHPORT-5-SPEED: Interface Ethernet1/31, operational speed changed to 10 Gbps%ETHPORT-5-IF_DUPLEX: Inter...

For years, I have setup IP SLAs and tracked them for different purposes.  The problem is that some of the IP addresses that I have been monitoring have actually had outages as well. In comes the Boolean or.  It is possible to create multiple SLAs, an...

Alex Pfeil by Rising star
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Hello Everyone, I am studying for CCIE DC and I have some questions regarding HSRP on VPC, please refer the attached topology.    [A] Can someone please explain me the packet flow with source and destination MAC & IP in the whole path: 1) First scena...

Hi Friends,   I am not sure whether i can ask this question here. Kindly suggest.   SNMP string getting failed between Cisco Devices & Netbrain 7.01. Unable to discover Cisco Devices at Netbrain, only ping is getting success as per below logs in Netb...

Hi Can someone explain me in simple networking terms ...where does OSPF packet fits in a typical IP packet ? and since 'OSPF LSA' carries prefix and other info..where does that fit in over all IP Packet concept ? Is there any encapsulation happening ...