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Cisco 3745 and 2811 Router CPU Usage is high due to EIGRP PDM Process.

I have Cisco 3745 router which is running on EIGRP with 350 GRE Tunnels in Hob and spoke topology. For the last 1 month onwards i have been seeing high CPU utilization for IP-EIGRP PDM. I know that CPU Usage is high because of Load on the router(As t...

Dual ISP connection load balancing and NAT configuration -2921 router

Dear Team, We have 2921 router in our organization. We have taken 2 ISP's for Internet purpose .Our requirement is i) 2 Isp's should be Active/Activeii) Static NATTING should be done by Secondary ISP(For 5 server we need to nat with 5 public IP's of ...


Hello Experts,  I am searching for some good stuff on Multicast in Data Center environment. Most specifically, Is multicast is recommeded in Enterprise Data Center environment, If NO then why. If yes, then : 1. What are the pre-requisites.2. How and ...