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hi!I'm getting Router 2507,2516 for training purpose. Just would like to know whether it support protocols such as rip, eigrp...what's the different between ios11 and 12?Normally for cisco router from USA, does it have 230 AC power? Thks!

dkblee by Beginner
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I'm setting up a 1605 R on a simple network. I've got the Ethernet port configured on both sides (External and Internal) and working fine.Now I want to add a configuration for a second PUBLIC address to point to a Private Exchange mail address on th...

On 3640 running 12.2.17b..We have the command service compress-configThe router CPU utlization is at 25%, but when we telnet to the router and issue the command "sh run", the CPU utilization hits 99%.. Is the "service compress-config" causing that?

Ahmede by Beginner
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