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I will have to build an architecture with a single dmz using a PIX-515E firewall. But i want to know if the PIX-515E can let's the LAN users to access to Internet or if i have to put a proxy machine. In this case where the proxy will be ? on local ne...

dom.a by Level 1
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I have 3 frame trunks, each with 4 remotes (all hub and spoke topology). This has not come up before now as we have always split cities with 2 offices up to different trunks. But now we have 1 city with 2 locations on the same trunk. Abit about our c...

lhoyle by Level 1
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My clock keeps resetting to Mar. 1993 when I reboot.I reset it once and have tried to get it to sync withntp but ultimately it resets after a boot.I thought it might be a dead battery but could not find one on the main board -- ??Thanks!

dan.tesch by Level 1
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