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ACE4710 boot fails Waiting for lock /tmp/octeon-pci-lock

Hello, I am just having a problema while rebooting an ACE4710 after trying to upgrade to firmware A5.3.4. When I perform a reload, the reboot starts OK but at a certain point it remains forever at the step Waiting for lock /tmp/octeon-pci-lock. Any h...

What's the difference between 2 licenses. (IP Base -> IP Service upgrade)

Hello all, I have to upgrade my 3750X switch from IP base to IP services so, searching on the internet, I figured out there are 2 options. Please see the below captured photo which is from CISCO web site. Which one should I buy for upgrading and w...

.bin files are named the same and contain are the same size, are they they same?

I'm really new to Cisco switch configurations, so i don't really know if there is a difference. I went and downloaded the newest IOS for quite a few of our switches and i noticed some of them look identical even if they are different models. For exam...