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Resolved! OSPF Acting up!

Hello,I have an MPLS VPN going through fast 0/0 when OSPF being redistributed by the ISP on both ends, and it works fine most of the time, for backup purposes I have 2 T-1's also coming in to the router and going to the same location, for some strang...

funraps by Beginner
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Reorder a cluster

Is there a way to reorder a stack of 3550 switches so when you veiw the cluster thru CMS it is the same view as the physical location of the switches in the rack. I clustered them in the order I wanted but the CMS view was reordered by itself.Looks l...

jhilton by Beginner
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Multilink question..

I have three ATM connection into our 2651xm router with nm-ima-4t1 network module.. The ISP only provided me with one ip address and one pvc. how do i bundle three connection into one? can anyone give me the technique to do that.. many thanks.

ekhoo by Beginner
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VMPS access denied

Hi everyone,I have a Cat4k CatOS 7.1(1) as VMPS-Client.Sometimes I receive a syslog " %SYS-4-P2_WARN: 1/Host 00:30:05:5b:0e:31 access denied on port X/XX "and the host can't work properly. The MAC isn't learnt and no traffic aren't received on the po...


Is it possible to configure Policy Based Routing on the ethernet link where in i want some traffic originating from specified source on one ehternet link and some on other ethernet link and if one of the ethernet link goes down all the traffic shoul...

Why PPTP Fail?

PIX525 configure PPTP to allow remote user dial at VPN.PIX configure :vpngroup vpn3000 address-pool vpnpoolvpngroup vpn3000 dns-server vpn3000 wins-server vpn3000 default-domain vvgroup.comvpngroup vpn3000 id...

lhuang by Beginner
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