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Hello,I would like to have an opinion on the following configuration for QoS in a Hybrid Cat6509.This is the first time I am implementing it on a production box. The main idea is control the traffic for a specific server in the network.This configura...

Guys,I have been on the software selection tool that cisco offers but have not been able to find the software I need. Basically I have a 10/100 eth module that isn't being detected at the moment, and the error message suggests that i need an OS upgra...

admin_2 by Level 3
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the situation:There is an Alcatel modem for internet and mail and web server and it is not a router and no support for rip if you check the topology that I attached for the case? Alcatel is forwarding all mail packets from tcp ports 25 and 110 to 10....

tuffguy by Level 1
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