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helloimagine we have 2 6500 switch as BB in a campus LAN.access layer is made by layer 2 switches: 2950. each one is connected to both BB switches via uplinks.Can we make SUP720 redendancy with 4 modules (2 in every switch) or is it possible only by ...

Hi We are an ISP and we are using a proxy for HTTP traffic coming from our customers. We apply inbound rate limiting on customers interfaces before the proxy to limit their traffic and save our bandwidth to the Internet.Since HTTP is TCP and we are a...

muhanna by Level 1
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I haev a 2620 router I need to send a new config to. When I use hypertrm via the Console port & attempt a copy xmodem startup-config, I get the error: Error opening xmodem: (Read-only file system)How can I deliver this config via the console port?

m1c by Level 1
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I have this setup:6509 switch connected to multiple 2950 switches. In each IDF I will have atleat (20) 2950 connected to 6500 switch. 6509 then will be connected to 3700 series router for WAN Connectivity. 6509 will also be connected to Nortel CSE...

I'm attempting to configure nat on a stick w/ no luck. I need my internal nat clients on e0 to be able to access a web site on the external ip,'ve looked over some advice of others and have come up with the below. This...

grunky by Level 1
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