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Is it possable to exchange LMI with the frame relay provider while the interface is in standby mode. We have a secondary frame relay connection that we want to use only for backup. The provider requires us to exchange LMI so their systems won't creat...

gcyeaw by Level 1
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We are students in a class and we have just received our 1721 routers and switches.we are establishine a network in the class and and we have a cable we can not identify.We know that one end goes an the back of the router on one of the two serial 2 t...

I have difficulties to find MIB to monitor :- LAPB state on interface CONNECT or not CONNECT- I frames- RNR /REJ /SABM / FRMS / DISC- Accumulated x25 Call on a interfaceanybody can help me which MIBs related to information above ?Actually that;s resu...

ali.fahmi by Level 1
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Hi,Anyone got any idea what this means?CCB:callid=80F1, sapi=0, ces=0, B-chan=31, calltype=DATA, hdlctype=HDLC-TRUNKI have configured ISDN and seem to be getting the above on my layer 3. For ref please see the output from various commands.# sh isdn s...

j.vashee by Level 1
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Hi, We had AS5800 and we have too many disconnection for the calls we try to check the reasons and we found that the unused modems always logging high calls failures as shown: Mdm Time Succ Fail Succ Fail Out Dial Answer ...

tamer by Level 1
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