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Odd SPAN monitoring behavior

Hi all. I have a 2950 running 12.1(13)EA1c. I've configured SPAN monitoring on it before, but it doesn't seem to be working properly anymore.I set up two source ports, which are both PIX 515's, and set the destination port to a monitoring host.The od...

dro by Beginner
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IP Subnetting.

I have a subnet going via a firewall want to use for another network that should not go via the firewall, is this possible?.If not what subnet address can I use. As I need a subnet in the to 192.1...

londint by Beginner
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encapsulation failed.

What is "encapsulation failed"*********************************00:36:07: IP: s= (local), d= (Dialer1), len 100, sending00:36:07: Di1 DDR: ip (s=, d=, 100 bytes, outgoing interesting (ip PERMIT)00:36:07: DDR: 4...

mmali by Beginner
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BBSM questions

1. If you add a switch to BBSM with say 24 ports and chain a 24 port hub off of switch port 1, will BBSM be ok with that? Or will it lock port 1 because of seeing 24 people on that port?2. if you add a switch to BBSM that has a management ip addre...

selphj by Beginner
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This is an ez question I know, but, I still would like guidance before I proceed.I have What's up Gold 8.0 installed on a monitoring station. If I install CW 6.0 onto the same station will it seamlessly integrate itself with WUG 8.0? Or, do I need to...

mdyett by Beginner
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