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We have a T1 that we use for internet email, VPN and FTP. Is there a way to allocate a permanent chunk of the T1 Bandwidth to VPN? Lets say 30% VPN and the rest will be used by Mail and FTP. Right now our T1 Bandwidth is maxed out and no money to buy...

gaban by Beginner
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I'm having an issue with uploading a new image into a 2950T24 which is connected by the gig port to a 100mb port on a Nokia IP350 firewall running Checkpoint.The tftp starts and aborts every time between the 1.3 and 1.5 MB out of 6MBIs there a way to...

msjouw by Beginner
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Helloo all,Currently we have one router connected to two upstream providers running BGP. How can a make sure both links are utilized evenly. Checking both interfaces load, only one is used and the other does not appears to be used that much.ant idea...

minoc by Beginner
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Hi AllPerhaps someone has seen this problem before.I have got a Layer 3 switch 3550 connecting to an Optical Laser unit at 2 buildings.When the laser connects to the switch with its utp cable the port does not come up when I use the Later versions of...

ward by Beginner
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Hello,cann somone tell me if this config is ok ? both router are Red. connected on 2 ISP 7500 series and on 2 Cisco 535 PIXthanks for helpRouter1#interface FastEthernet0/0 description Connection to ISP ip address ip verify...

aessome by Beginner
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Hi any help is much appreciated !I have 2x Cisco 3725 routers running 802.1Q trunks to 2x 2950T switch with enhaced switch software.The switches are trunked together to form one logical device.The router trunks have hsrp groups configured on each sub...

tdstu by Beginner
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