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I have a CW2000 Windows Server with the LMS package installed. My local routers have CDP and SNMP configured and all features in CW work great for these routers. Eight of the eleven local routers have serial T1 connections to another Cisco router. Fo...

jeff by Level 1
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Hi,We have 4 routers SR1& SR2 routers on one site and BR1& BR2 routers on other site. HSRP is configured between SR1 & SR2 and also between BR1 &BR2.SR1 (s0/0) is connected to BR1(s0/0) using serial link and alsoSR2(s0/1) is connected to BR2(s0/1) us...

I have a configuration on BGP that requires for 5 Neighbors 4 locally (same switch) and on that is at the end of a serial link, my question is does the neighbor need to directly connected or can I route the BGP information across the serial link and ...

idodd by Level 1
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Hi,I want to know how to use "established" parameter in access-list.If I create inbound access-list, for ex.-access-list 101 permit tcp host eq 23 host establishedThen in outbound access-list do I have to includeaccess-list 101 perm...