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I have attached a Foundry switch to my Cisco router. I have applied an IP to the Foundry layer 2 switch. I have link and protocol "UP" status on the Cisco and have link lights on my Foundry cross connect. However, I am unable to ping the Foundry from...

psalada by Beginner
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I have a AS5248 configured like the following:AS5248#sh runBuilding configuration...Current configuration:!version 11.3service timestamps debug uptimeservice timestamps log uptimeservice password-encryption!hostname AS5248!aaa new-modelaaa authentica...

trobison by Beginner
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We have 2 core switches and a lot of access switches with each access switches connected to each of the core. My question is as floows:1. There are 2 gbic ports between the 2 core switches. Is it possible for me to form an etherchannel between the 2 ...

londint by Beginner
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Hardware: 2900XL switches, 2611 routersSay I have a person named Mike who belongs to vlan 2 on switch A with ip Mike moves to another department but needs to stay in vlan 2. Mike is given an IP address of How does Mike stay...

admin_2 by Participant
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HI,We have just installed a new Internet service that was suppose to be a 4MB ethernet service (Via ATM). Now the problem!It turns out that they have now installed 2 E1 links instead of the ATM (The business did not get ok from us)How can i effective...