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We have a Win 2000 network (domain) with 4 workstations (3-XP pro and 1-Win 2000 pro). Our current connection to the internet is through a Linksys befsr41. To make it work we had to disable dhcp and dns in the server and enable dhcp and set the dns s...

I just changed the IP address of the FE int. on my 7206 amd also the client NAS address in my radius server to match. In the accounting packets the old address is still coming through: Create User: nas_ip: nas_port: 294 name: dslus...

mitchel by Beginner
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Hican someone point me to the right documents.....i am looking for guidelines on how to design redundancy in a multicast routing environment for the LAN. I can use VRRP/HSRP for redundancy for unicast packets, but how do i ensure mcast routing redund...

pgionas by Beginner
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Hiafter upgrade from 12.0.7T to 12.1.16 on 3640, i have problem on dialer backup. If i shutdown the bri with the dialer active, or in call state, there is no mode to create a feature backup connection. I have tried to recreate another dialer, destroy...

gpozzo by Beginner
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Doc says dialer watch uses routing "updates" to determine when to raise and drop dial backup. Anyone know if that truely means updates so that the primary route does not have to be a better route than the backup? Or do I still need to control the we...

rjackson by Contributor
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