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Resolved! IOS Switch choice

Hello,I need to update about 10 switches in my network so they can be compatible with Cisco Identity Services Engine.I've been using LMS to get advices about which version is available on each device, but I don't really know which one to choose.The o...

yoshipower by Beginner
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Hi.I try to use ping in a kron policy to keep a VPN tunnel up:!kron policy-list ICMP cli ping 192.168.x.y!kron occurrence PING in 10 recurring policy-list ICMP!The command works fine - but after it´s done, the policy list is deleted(removed)!"debug k...

fherlan by Beginner
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Resolved! OSPF (Router ID)

OSPF the router ID is assigned base on what?I remember that it was based on first loopback address.if there're two loopback address than the first one is picked or the one with the highest IP address get picked?Also what the point of loopback address...

ohitzjohn by Beginner
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