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Hi! I've got a question.My 3845 cisco router had an issue with the fan board, one of them was with a failure, we've changed the board, andafter that, we realize a curious status, that we've never saw before in our routers or switches. So, we've becom...

katzmo123 by Beginner
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Resolved! show ip cache flow

Can we find out if a flow is using tcp or udp using "sh ip cache flow" command? what do 06 and 11 indicate here?Routert#sh ip cache flow Te3/4      Vl52       06 8389 0017    48 Vl59       Te3/4...

I was wondering if someone could assist me in making a decision on where I should take the future design of my network. Currently the design has no redundancy and I've been told recently that my company has a bit of money to spend and that it needs t...