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OSPF Filtering

In a hub and spoke WAN topology, OSPF is configured as area 0 in core and area 1 on the spoke routers. One of the spoke router is connected has two router in that area 1. I wanted to allow only two subnets to be available in the end router R4. Is thi...

sanjaykt by Beginner
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Modem trouble

Hello group,My problem is a simple one, but I can't really find a straight answer on the Cisco site, maybe you guys can point me in the right direction.All I need to do is make our Cisco 2501 router dial an ISP when a certain user launches their IE b...

rps fpr 3700

hi,I come to understand that 3725 has external rps facility and 3745 has internal rps facility.But while going through the data sheet and the product diagram 3725 doesnt seem to have the rps connector biult-in in the chassis.Then how its get connecte...