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Resolved! What is the reaction of native IOS if the msfc module fails

With hyprid IOS we have the following scenario :In the distribution layer are two C6500 connected with an etherchannel/trunk. The access switch is only connected to one distribution switch. If all is fine the access switch sends his data to the direc...

l.meyer by Beginner
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Resolved! NAT Static Translations (what is the destintaion command used for?)

i have seen a lot of "ip nat inside source" commands, but no "ip nat outside source" or "ip nat inside destination", i know that "ip nat inside source" is used to make internal services available to the public. what are the other commands used for?

IGX Gurus please help!!!

I have an IGX with a DS3 port configured with virtual trunks going to several other sites with IGX's. It also has a DS3 port upped as a line going to a 7204 that terminates the data PVC's coming from the remote sites.An new site needs to be added ho...

bhedlund by Enthusiast
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Health Check

I am upgrading a number of routers (IOS and config) around the country and will require a 'health check' a few days after. Is there a number of commands i can use in the Cisco range to perform a health check, if so can someone help who has done a hea...

Resolved! Voice Mod for 2611

here is a senario i am running through my mind. is it possible for me to obtain a voice mod for a 2611 and then have cisco ip phones register with the router running key switch and hook up an external phone line to the router so that they can make ca...

WCCP on 155 Mbps link

I am going to have 155 Mbps connect to the Internet with 90% Utilization. My WAN edge router is 7200VXR with NPE-400 running BGP(accept full route from the Internet).My questions are:1. Does WCCP work well on such high speed Internet connection? if n...

navasil by Beginner
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