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I want to setup a small isp 500-1000 users, all located in a small geographical area within the same area code. I can get a T-1 for about $699 per month. users will be dial-up at this stage. Issues are equipmentconfigurationsany help or feedback** bu...

warris by Level 1
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Resolved! Printing via WAN

I have this scenario:1.- building A where all file servers are working2.- building B there is a dept that only has 25 people and computers and printers but not servers.Note; both buildings are connected via T1 and two routers3.- servers are Novell 4...

jprada by Level 1
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i understand that when some slots in a 65xx chassis are populated with cards the performance comes down to 15 Mpps in spite of having a SFM. where can i get a document on this.thanx

mcc by Level 1
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Dear All:I installed cisco works for windows , but i can't configure threshold manager , i don';t know how to choose the rising value and the failing value , for example " I have a connection 1.5 Mbps i want to install a rising threshold if the bandw...

alaa.musa by Level 1
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Two sites are connected with eachother at 2Mb banwidth. At both the sites I have 3640 routers. I need to send video files from one location to another location. My major traffic is video files. I want to implement QoS so that my video traffic can get...

ranairfan by Level 1
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