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PIX Syslog format

Can someone explain how to decode the PRI section of the PIX Syslog packet?I am familiar with decoding PRI's of <190> and those types, but I have never seen the ones that the PIX sends. 304001 and 106011 are the most common I see, but I don't know ho...

CW2K & Java 3805

Getting ready to install CD One but ran into a problem.1. Docs say JVM 5.0 0.3805 is required ... go to Microsoft if you don't have it.The problem:2. Microsoft (I suppose in their grand scheme to kill Java) states they no longer provide download of J...

cyee by Beginner
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routes advertising

Hi all,I have a cisco router 7507 and i have connected to different service providers with different bandwidths. i have 2 class C ips with me. I want to advertise a subnet(pls note: NOt entire calls C) to service provider A. so that i can get all in...

b.kona by Beginner
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