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Need HELP!

I'm trying to transfer some files through a messaging client like msn messenger. It keeps failing saying to contact the administrator. We have private addressing here so I know that is a problem. I have configured the cisco router to map a static out...

kgbsd by Beginner
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isis question

Hi All,I have a question about summarization in ISIS. when I enable summary-address on the L1/L2 router, it will generate a static route to null interface and the summary route will only send to other area's L1/L2 router. Is it normal? I use IOS 12.2...

CMS Problem

I am having trouble with CMS. When I try to log into the management switch browser hangs on "determining network information". I am not sure why this is happening. It was working fine before. Could I have changed a setting that would cause this? If s...

Load Balancing 2 T1s

Hi all,I have a 2611 with 3 ethernet interfaces. 2 are used to connect my internal LAN and the third is used to connect to my ISP. This router is currently NATing all my individual networks. Now my question is how do I make this router or the thir...

c.mac by Beginner
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RME problems

We are having big problems trying to get RME to pull running configs off Catalyst 4000,5000,6000's etc .... In most cases we are seeing in the update archive the error "Invalid TFTPBOOT directory" . We can't figure out what is causing thi...

ISDN Routing !!!

Hi any one please help to clarify the following scenerio;I have a remote site with 1720 router and connected back to HQ with a 2620 router there by a 64k leased line. There is a 64k ISDN backup link for the two sites.The BRI interface is belonged to ...

fkseow by Beginner
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