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I've got a reasonable understanding of networking but not on the scale I've been asked to do for a project. There will be approximitaly 600 users, each with a single Cat5 cable to their room. We are to provide internet and VOIP for them.What kind of ...

alitster by Beginner
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In the below given netwrok scenario, how would osfp work ?Would it consider the L2 trunk between Switch B and Switch C when calculating the cost to router D?so is the ospf cost from S/w A => S/w B =>Router D = 20 and S/w A =>S/w C=>S/w => RouterD =2...

mbhat by Beginner
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HI All! I have Cisco 4006 ( System Bootstrap Version: 5.4(1) )WS-C4006 Software, Version NmpSW: 5.4(2)so , on the one of the VLAN linked SCO OPen Serverand some SUN servers ( Cluster nodes) + workstationall work perfect ,except one strange thingwhe...

alekseiee by Beginner
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