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Resolved! A port for a "toaster" is err-disabled by bpduguard, do I need to remove spanning-tree portfast?

We have a "toaster" we use to store 5 notebooks to receive updates while not in use. We have port security configured for the port, and spanning-tree portfast is enabled. We are constantly getting an err-disabled on the port with the reason being bpd...


Hi my name is Omkar Inamdar and I have a question about TCP/IP. Now the orignal TCP/IP model cosist of                          Application                         Transport                          Internet                         Network Access and...

Pwr Over

Hi NetPro,anyone knows this ? i have no any device using PoE, but i still have this error. Nov 1 07:53:07: %C4K_IOSMODPORTMAN-4-INLINEPOWEROVERWARNING: Inline power exceeds threshold: Module status changed to 'Pwr Over'Nov 1 17:51:13: %C4K_IOSMODPO...

ney25 by Explorer
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DB60 to RJ45

I've got a Cisco 1760 Series Router, it has WIC Serial interface card. My dad told me i can get a DB60 to RJ45 converter(I've got a DB9 to RJ45 Only), I've been looking everywhere for one. NO ONE would sell it on ebay/amazon. I live in the UK. All th...